Thoughts from a few of our guests

My week at the Retreat at Veritas was truly life altering. I arrived with a bag of mismatched workout clothes, borrowed hiking books, and a lot of trepidation (aka “pure fear”). The thought of hiking for more than about 20 minutes was truly out of my realm of reality. As a long-term smoker who has put exercise on the bottom of my list for years, I believed that I would have to run home after the first day – if I even made it through the first day! Imagine my total amazement when I ended that day of yoga, hiking, and a core fitness class with a glass of wine in my hand relaxing and bonding with my new friends. Each day brought new challenges and experiences that allowed me to see myself in a new light and to push boundaries that I had been scared to even approach in the past. I came home feeling rested and relaxed and as if I had been cleansed in both body and mind. The lessons of that week have continued to play a part in my daily life and I am so grateful that I was able be a part of this amazing adventure.

Lisa McCade

My week at The Farmhouse was one of those memories I will hold closely for the rest of my life. Surrounded by the beautiful setting of Veritas and the Blue Ridge Mountains. our days were filled with self-discovery, physical challenges, nature, tranquility, and friendship, all the while enjoying healthy, exquisitely prepared meals. The evenings were complete as we sat by the fire sipping Veritas’ fine wines. What could be better? I look forward to another stay one day but till then am cherishing the memories we all made together during one of the most memorable and meaningful weeks of my life.

Christine Vrooman

Despite trying to not have expectations about my week at the retreat, I was anxious. Would I be fit enough? Could I keep up with the others? I was immediately put at ease when I arrived at the beautiful Farmhouse. From the moment I was greeted I felt welcomed and relaxed and reassured that I was enough—that all I needed to get through the week was a sense of self-acceptance and the willingness to push myself a little bit farther every day. And I definitely learned to push myself! I made the rookie mistake of wearing a brand new pair of hiking boots the first day of hiking without properly breaking them in and developed two huge blisters on the back of each ankle. It was painful enough to make me want to quit but each morning, with the help of a fellow hiker, we bandaged the blisters. The same hiker let me borrow a pair of her well-worn boots and I hiked the rest of the week. It was uncomfortable but I had made a commitment to myself to finish the week. I am so glad I did. I came away feeling stronger, healthier, and totally full of that happy, physically exhausted feeling that I can see being addicted to. I can’t wait to feel that again on my next trip to the retreat.

Molly Everton

Taking the yoga classes was one of the most soothing things that I’ve done. During the week we spent with you, I felt more relaxed and at peace than I ever had before. I have taken plenty of yoga classes but had never come out of a class actually feeling inspired. The stories and mantras we heard made the experience even better. You made me feel like I could really relate to yoga and the yoga lifestyle, rather than just feel like an outsider.

Jill Shirey