Farmhouse Wear

For meals and general relaxed time, dress is casual. Workout clothes are worn throughout the day.

Hiking Gear

  • Sturdy, textured-sole hiking boots are required. We recommend that they be waterproof and high-top to keep your feet dry and protect your ankles. These will your best friend, wear them before you come to make sure that they are broken in and comfortable.
  • At least two pairs of non-cotton socks (an extra pair for your backpack!). We even recommend bringing a pair of silk or wool liner socks which are very thin, snugly-fitting socks that go on underneath your hiking socks. They serve to minimize your chance of getting blisters – if rubbing occurs, it should happen on the liner sock snugly attached to your foot rather than your skin!
  • Comfortable and warm non-cotton hiking clothes. Starting the cold mornings off wearing multiple layers of clothing will allow you to stay an ideal temperature by allowing you to remove one layer at a time as you warm up. Non-cotton clothing (socks included) is best for mountain exercise because if it gets moist from sweat or rain, it will still retain some of your body heat when you stop for breaks. Cotton and cotton blends will sit wet on your skin making you feel the cold.
  • Warm hats, scarves/neck warmers, etc. If you are coming during the winter months, you should be able to cover most of your face and neck with your head wear.
  • Mittens for your hands are preferable to gloves, but you may want to wear a light pair of gloves inside your mittens.
  • Any medications you may possibly need while on the trail, such as an inhaler, epi-pen, etc. or anything necessary in case we are out in the mountains longer than anticipated.
  • An extra pair of glasses or corrective lenses if necessary.
  • A waterproof jacket. Your over jacket should have a hood for wind protection and it should be waterproof.
  • We have backpacks with your lunch, snacks and water bottles.

Optional items:

  • Your own backpack. We will provide one for you, but if you have one at home, please feel free to bring it!
  • Hiking poles. Your knees will appreciate them, and they will certainly help with stream crossings and stability in general.
  • Silk or wool liner socks (see above in the socks section)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun screen (always recommended!!)
  • Hat (for warm months)
  • Camera
  • Whistle
  • Bug spray. Your best choice is to either bring clothing with has permethrin built into the fabric, or spray your clothes (including your socks) with permethrin spray prior to arrival.
  • Motion sickness medication. This is good if you are susceptible to motion sickness when driving on curvy mountain roads.

Exercise Gear:

  • Sneakers and socks
  • Active wear, yoga or exercise pants and tops,
  • Sweatshirt, sweater or jacket for the early morning walk to and from the winery garden house  or field for exercise class
  • Light rain gear to go over other walking clothes.

There is a laundry room at The Farmhouse