What is a typical day at The Farmhouse Retreats?

Your days at the Extended Retreat will consist of a total body wellness program, which begins with a yoga practice in the morning, followed by a nourishing healthful breakfast. You will spend the middle of part of the day taking in the great out doors on a hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains (picnic backpack lunch is provided), and close the day with some personal down time, more yoga and a delicious meal in a restful and relaxing environment.
The Mini Retreat program is a one day program which has more of a wine focus. The day begins at 10:00 with yoga followed by a delicious 3 course brunch. Next you will embark on a walk through the vineyard to learn about the vines and see where they grow. You will close the day with a wine tasting and wine education session with one of our wine makers and chefs followed by a nice social hour with some light nibbles.

How long is the program?

The Extended Retreat lasts for three days, it will begin around 3:00 on the day of arrival and finish at 11:00 on the day of departure, you are of course welcome to extend your stay.
The Mini is an entire single day starting at 9:45 am and ending in the evening hours around 4 or 5 o’clock. We always suggest that you plan to stay at the Farmhouse after the Retreat to really allow yourself to relax and unwind.

Can guests stay at the Farmhouse before or after the Mini Retreat? Or are they required to?

Yes, if the Farmhouse has rooms available. There are only eight rooms, so it is important to make that decision as soon as you can. By no means are guests of the Mini Retreat required to stay at the Farmhouse.

What will my room accommodations be like?

Visit The Farmhouse at Veritas website and click on “Accommodations” to view a description and photos of each of the rooms.

Are gratuities included in the cost?

For the Mini Retreat, absolutely yes! For the extended retreat, you may want to leave a small gratuity for the housekeeping staff if you deem it appropriate.

How do I know if I can keep up with the program?

We will stay with you all the way, and you will never be left behind in any activity. As with our mission statement we believe in spending time with physical activities that are low impact, moderate and sustainable.

What type of food will I be eating?

The Retreat Brunch includes a fruit course, a pastry course, a savory breakfast item and a sweet breakfast item as dessert. Specific items are chef’s choice dependent on the time of year and the produce that is seasonally available. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Please just let us know in advance.

What is the appropriate clothing and gear to bring to the Farmhouse Retreat?

We suggest wearing comfortable active wear for yoga in the morning, and bringing along layers for the hike later. Of course you should bring comfortable hiking boots or shoes for active walking in fields. All the events are casual, so staying in your work out gear is entirely appropriate. DO NOT bring any cotton clothing, including socks and singlets.

What is the weather like during the different seasons?

We recommend that you check your weather station immediately before you pack for the week, if there are any unusual circumstances we will call you to advise you. The University of Virginia website has a good description of the weather in Virginia and monthly high’s low’s and precipitation if you are interested in the historical aspect of the weather.

What if I have never experienced hiking before, or a program of this nature?

If you can walk, hiking is easy – really! Hiking is simply going for a walk, but doing so the wilderness.You will always have a guide who has a Wilderness certification.  Its not really that much different than taking a walk anywhere else except that the surfaces you are walking on may be more uneven than the paved or flat surfaces you usually find in your everyday environment. It is important to make sure that you have good boots. Invest in a good pair of socks, NO COTTON SOCKS

Will I have the ability to check in with my family and business on the Extended Retreat?

Of course! We build in some personal down time each afternoon, which we encourage you to use for self-reflection or care, but sometimes that means checking in with your family. All carriers (with the exception of AT&T) have good phone reception for your mobile phone. Internet is available in all of the guest rooms.

If I arrive the day before the program, where do you recommend I stay?

We recommend that you stay at The Farmhouse if we have vacancies, or speak to the Manager and she can make recommendations and assist you with your reservations.